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    Nikki Roberts

    Do you have a health problem you would like to get to the bottom of naturally? Or just desire to live a healthy life now and into the future, and need an expert to come along beside you, to help guide you?

    If so, come meet the newest member to the Lake Health and Chiropractic family, Nikki Roberts. Nikki specializes in root cause/functional medicine, aesthetics, and emergency medicine. Her qualifications include being licensed as a Registered Nurse and current Family Nurse Practitioner student at Graceland University, she has a BS and MS in Sports and Health Science/Exercise Science and has a post-graduate certificate in Biomedical Neuroscience from the University of Florida. Nikki is an Air Force Veteran and former Air Force Medic and ER nurse, a mom of 2, and a State Trooper’s wife.

    Nikki’s passion is finding natural solutions to your health issues. From osteoporosis to fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, skin problems, and more, Nikki is trained to catalyze healing in your body through simple but powerful methods and provides the personal support you need to get you to the finish line of all your health goals.

    In aesthetics, Nikki is an Emerge Partner Affiliate and has completed her aesthetic injector training with Belinda Stewart, RN, owner of Emerge Medical and Well Spa and Allergan trainer, and completed her esthetics training with Lainie Goad, BSEd, LE, MI, owner of Evoque Spa. Nikki is highly and uniquely trained on how to use the most natural and highest quality products available for your skin.

    If you need a new plan and a new purpose for getting your health back on track, or just desire to make small changes that will last a lifetime, let us partner with you in 2022.

    Now booking Nikki Roberts for health coaching and aesthetic appointments! Call Lake Health and Chiropractic today, 918-786-8834, or book online at

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    We’ll get to the root of the matter together! 

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